Middle Tennessee State University, Philosophy Department

*Note to current students: these courses change from year to year, please make sure you have the most recent syllabus which can be found on our course D2L site.*

RS2030: Religion and Society (offered Spring 2015)

RS3020: Comparative Religion (offered Spring 2015)

RS3030: Mapping Religious Diversity

RS3600: Religion and Film

RS4010: Global Christianity

RS4020: Jesus of Nazareth (offered Spring 2015)

RS 4050: Judaism, Islam, Christianity (Western Religions)

RS4800: Directed Study Courses

Religion and Science (Fall 2014)

Religion, Economics and Critical Theory (Spring 2015)

Religion and the Body (Spring 2015)

UH 4900: Honors Independent Study Project

Supervisee: Cheyenne Plott, “The Tennessean Jewish Perspective on Twenty-First Century Judaism, American Society, and the State of Israel” (successfully defended November 2014)

Supervisee: Melody Cook, “Mormon Identity in Murfreesboro” (underway)

Emory University, Candler School of Theology

M 698 001: What is A Christian?: Anthropologies of Global Christianity/ies

SR 699-RK: Modern Christian Modalities: Anthropological, Sociological and Theological Methods (Directed Study)

ES 663 CEE: Religion, Violence and Peacebuilding – co-instructor

University of Toronto, Department for the Study of Religion

RLG200: The Phenomenon of Religion

RLG232: Religion and Film

RLG304: Language, Symbol and Self – co-instructor

RLG308: Religion and the City

RLG315: Rites of Passage

Formal Teaching Training

Middle Tennessee State University, Learning, Teaching, and Innovative Technologies Center, Teaching Fellow (2013-2014)

Certificate of Distinction, THE500: Teaching in Higher Education, University of Toronto, Office for Teaching Advancement (Winter 2010)

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